QTP QTEC Exhaust Cutout (Valve/Wiring/Toggle Switch) - 2-1/4" Single Kit

QTP QTEC Exhaust Cutout (Valve/Wiring/Toggle Switch) - 2-1/4" Single Kit

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These QTP Electric Cutout dual kits include (1) QTEC Exhaust Cutout Valve with Wiring and a Toggle Switch - making it ideal for your single exhaust car or truck. No need to crawl under your car or truck ever again to uncork your exhaust. No need to run a loud muffler all the time to get the maximum horsepower for your ride. With the Quick Time Electric Cutout (QTEC) you can have the best of both worlds. Unleash The Power! Go from stealth quiet to wide open power and experience the gains even if you are already enjoying an aftermarket exhaust system - all with the flip of a switch. Run it closed, run it all the way open or any position in between. Just by adjusting your back pressure you can even save gas. Fits any standard 3 bolt exhaust flange - use with a QTP Y-Pipe, most aftermarket cutout pipes or fabricate your own! These Electric Exhaust Cutouts are available in 2.25", 2.5", 3", 3.5", and 4" ensuring there is something for your ride, whether it's an old school muscle or high tech import. Low profile oval kits are also available for 2.5" and 3" round exhausts. The redesigned QTEC Cutout now sports a CNC machined cast aluminum 360 motor cover with a precision fit. While Aluminum 360 offers great corrosion resistance by itself, QTP took it a step further and gave it a satin powder coat for a clean finish and add protection. Whether your application is Street or Strip, Hot Rods to the Family SUV the motor cover provides your ride with Full Metal Jacket Protection. Another industry first!

  • Item ID: QTPQTECS-225
  • Size (spec): 2.25"
  • Material (spec): Stainless Steel Butterfly/Shaft, Aluminum Motorplate
  • Height (spec): 9"

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