We value your privacy
Our privacy policy is very straight forward. We will never sell your information to anyone, unless where required by law, for legal purposes. We do not sell our customer's information to any 3rd party, and only use your personal information to contact you regarding your order. 

How do you protect me against identity theft?
We go through extreme measures to ensure that our customers are safe from identity theft. We use only the most secure payment processing services, PayPal and also Google Checkout. Both PayPal and Google Checkout allow you to pay us without sharing your information. When paying with Google Checkout or PayPal, our employees are never exposed to your credit card information, do not have your expiration date, and have no information besides what you ordered, your email address, and your shipping information. We strive for ultimate security! 

PayPal Privacy Information | Google Checkout Privacy Information 

Feel Secure Shopping at Redline Motive
We take all precautions, and strive to be the most secure shopping experience. We constantly evaluate our engineering efforts to take into account new technologies that keep our customers safe.